Samuel C. Bowles, Power of Attorney to E. Witty

Samuel C. Bowles, Power of Attorney to E. Witty, 27 Apr 1872
Metcalfe County KY Deed Book 2, Page 304
Show all know by these presents that I Samuel C. Bowles of the county of Jewell, state of Kansas, do hereby appoint and constitute E. Witty of Metcalfe County Ky my lawful attorney to do and recite all and any business for me in the said state of Ky and when done by him to the same binding effect as if done by me personally and whereas I have this day been appointed and qualified as administrator of Lucinda S. Bowles De'cd & also (...difficult to read...) of William A. Bowles De'cd with the will annexed, the said Witty is hereby empowered to do and execute any and all business for me pertaining to said administratorship and the same shall be as binding on me and as valid as if I had done the same personally. Given under my hand April 27, 1872
S. C. Bowles

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