Lafayette & Amanda Bowles

Lafayette Bowles (b. 31 Aug 1831; d. 22 Jan 1907) was a son of John and Celia (White) Bowles. He married Amanda Payne (b. 3 Oct 1830; d. 4 Sep 1892), daughter of Edmond and Elvira (Witty) Payne. After Amanda's death in 1892, Lafayette again married, this time to Julia Anderson in 15 Apr 1895.

Lafayette and Amanda had one child, a son named Isaac N. Bowles (b. 1 Jan 1872; d. 2 Sep 1931). A biographical sketch of this family is given below.

The family is buried in the Summer Shade Cemetery.

I.N. BOWLES. In the thriving little Town of Summer Shade, located in Metcalfe County, is found an institution indicative of the county's financial strength, this being the Bank of Summer Shade. This state bank, which was opened for business in December, 1907, has had a successful career, and has been fortunate in possession the services of capable officials, among whom at present is I. N. Bowles, cashier, who has been identified with the institution since 1908. During his connection with the bank Mr. Bowles has demonstrated the possession of marked abilities, and has played his part in gaining friendships and material prosperity for the concern which he represents.

Mr. Bowles was born at Summer Shade January 1, 1872, a son of LaFayette and Amanda (Payne) Bowles. His grandfather John Bowles, was born in Virginia and was a young man when he migrated to Metcalfe County, Kentucky, where he married a Miss White. He settled down to agricultural pursuits, in which he continued to be engaged throughout his life, and died before the birth of his grandson, as did also his wife. They were people whose many excellent qualities of mind and heart endeared them to those among whom their lives were passed.

LaFayette Bowles was born on his father's farm in Metcalfe County August 27, 1831, and received a public school education. He was reared as a farmer's son and early adopted the vocation of farming as his life work, an occupation which he followed throughout his career. A man of industry, integrity and probity, he won and held the respect of his fellow citizens and accumulated a satisfying property, in the management of which he displayed good business judgment. He was a democrat, but never had any desire for public office, although he took a good citizen's interest in public affairs and was a stanch supporter of worthy movements. He died at Summer Shade, where the greater part of his life had been passed, in February, 1907, leaving many to mourn him. Mr. Bowles married Miss Amanda Payne, who was born September 4, 1829, in Metcalfe County, a woman of estimable qualities, and who died at Summer Shade in September, 1892. I. N. Bowles was the only child.

The public schools of Metcalfe County furnished I. N. Bowles with his educational training, and until he was twenty-one years of age he divided his time between attending school and working on the home farm. He then left home, and during the next ten years traveled extensively, working on farms in Kansas and California, as well as in his native county. While he had been growing to manhood he had assimilated the rudiments of the carpenter trade, and during his experiences he had perfected himself in this trade, which he eventually adopted and followed until September, 1908. A that time he accepted an offered opportunity and entered the Bank of Summer Shade in the capacity of assistant cashier. On June 30, 1911, he was elected cashier of this institution, a position he has held to the present time, his fellow officials being: J. T. Harbison, president; and E. T. Bartley, vice president. The bank has a capital stock of $15,000; surplus and profits of $9,000; and deposits of $200,000. It occupies a substantial building at Summer Shade, and has an excellent reputation in the banking circles of the county. Mr. Bowles is very popular with the customers of the institution, and his unfailing courtesy and wise counsel are greatly appreciated by the depositors. He has been an active participant in local affairs and his influence ha always been on the side of progressive and constructive policies. He took a helpful part in all local war activities, devoting much time to the cause, and served on the committees for the bond sales, each of which was put over the top. In political matters he is a democrat, but he has had no time to think of occupying public office. He is the owner of a modern residence on Main Street, the most desirable home at Summer Shade.

On June 20, 1907, Mr. Bowles was united in marriage at Moss, Tennessee, with Miss Inez Harbison, a daughter of C. S. and Mattie (Hensley) Harbison, residents of Summer Shade, Mr. Harbison having been an agriculturist and well-known citizen of this locality for many years. Four children have come to Mr. and Mrs. Bowles: Guy W., Born May 28, 1908; Wilma May, born October 10, 1910; Mabel Ruth, born January 18, 1914; and Mary Catherine, born February 21, 1916. The three first named are attending the Summer Shade public school, and all will be educated in a manner that will fit them for the positions in life which they are called upon to occupy.

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