The Thomas Groome Pension Application

On 27 Aug 1894, Laura Groome, widow of Thomas Groome, made an pension application as an indigent widow of deceased soldier of the Confederacy. On the application, she provided the following answers to questions listed on the application.

What is your name? Laura E. Groome
How long have you resided in Mississippi? Since 1864.
In what county do you reside? Warren
What is the name of your postoffice? Vicksburg
What was your husband's name? Thomas Groome
In what state did he reside when he enlisted in the service of the Confederate States? Mississippi
What was the date of his enlistment? January 1862
What was the name of the company and regiment or vessel in which he enlisted? Buckners Cavalry, Co. C, 28th Mississippi
How long was he in actual service of the Confederacy? to close of war
What were the names of the officers of the company or regiment or vessel, during the time he was in the service? C. B. Buckner, Capt.; Steve Bailey, Frank Goodwin, -- Arison, Lieutenants
Did he die in service, or did he serve until close of the war? until close of war
Was he honorably discharged? (no answer given)
When was he discharged? (no answer given)
Where was he discharged? (no answer given)
Did he serve until the surrender? yes
Where did he die? Dallas, Texas
When did he die? March 16th 1889
What is your age? 43 years
Have you married since your husband's death? no
Did you apply for a pension because you are indigent and unable to earn a livelihood? yes
Do you receive any income from the State, United States, County, City, or from any other source; if so, how much is it per annum? no
Have you any property in your own right or in the right of another? If so, give its assessed valuation. Have small place valued at $400.
Have you a home of your own? yes
In not, with whom do you now live? (no answer given)
Is the person you are now living with a relation? (no answer given)
If so, what relation? (no answer given)
Have you any relations or connections whose natural duty it is to provide for you? Father who I assist to support. He is 84 years of age. (This age is not accurate.)

Signature of Applicant: Laura E. Groome

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this 27th day of August A.D., 1894.
J. D. Laughlin, Chancery Clerk

A scanned image of this application is available below.

Image of Groome Pension Application

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