The William Groome Family

William Groome was the third child born to Joseph and Elizabeth (Smith) Groome. He was born in the Shoreditch area of Greater London on 11 Jan 1844. The family emigrated to America, arriving at New Orleans in 1850.

In 1861, at the outbreak of the American Civil War, William and some of his brothers joined the Confederacy as members of the 28th Mississippi Cavalry, Company C. Following the war, William apparently returned home to Vicksburg and went to work at the local newspaper. The 1866 Vicksburg City Directory gave his address as Open Woods Street between Farmer and 1st North, and his occupation as a printer at the Herald office.

William married Theresa Hossley on 26 Nov 1867 in Vicksburg at St. Paul Catholic Church. He apparently adopted the faith of his bride for he was given extreme unction just prior to his death.

William was the Vicksburg Postmaster from 5 Dec 1885 to 1891. Then he apparently went back to his printing job for the 1895 city directory indicates that he worked at Vicksburg Printing Office, Commercial Herald office. The Vicksburg City Directory for 1904-5 (page 113) indicates that he was a printer for the Vicksburg American Publishing Company, and residing at 618 N. Farmer Street.

William died 13 Apr 1906 and was buried in the City Cemetery.

Theresa Hossley Groome was born in November 1847. According to information provided by Karen Stanbary, "Maria Elizabeth Spengler married (1) Dionysious Hossley and after the premature death of her husband in November 1849, she married Dionysius' brother Frederick. Dionysius is actually the father of Theresa. Mary Elizabeth Spengler was born in Engenthal, Bas-Rhin France, the daughter of Joseph Spengler and Therese Scherno." Not much more is known about Mary Elizabeth except that she had eight children, and she died 21 Sep 1878, during the yellow fever epidemic in Vicksburg.

William and Theresa's first born was a daughter they named Florence. She was born in October 1871 according to the 1900 census record. [1900 Federal Census: Mississippi, Warren County, Vicksburg Ward 2, District 119, page 27A, household 118/170] We know from census and city directory records that she worked as a clerk at the post office.

Their next child was a son, William J. "Willie" Groome, born in March 1873. He followed his father as a printer. We know that he married a lady named Jennie sometime between the census of 1900 and the city directory of 1904-5 for they are listed together in that directory. According to the 1910 census [1910 Federal Census: Mississippi, Warren County, Vicksburg Ward 1, District 53, page 40A] Jennie Groome was born about 1882 in Arkansas. Willie and Jennie had two sons: William Jr., and Eugene. We know that William Jr. joined the navy for he is located at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in the 1920 census as a seaman aboard the U.S.S. Arizona. [1920 census: Military and Naval Forces, Cuba, Guantanamo Bay, page 10A] We find Eugene in the 1920 census which indicates that he is the stepson of Burl Goss. [1920 Federal Census: Mississippi, Warren County, Vicksburg Beat 5, household 211/211] From this we know that William J. Groome has died and Jennie has married again, this time to Burl Goss.

From the Fisher Funeral Home records we find that William Groome died on 10 Oct 1912 in Meridan MS.

Groome, William October 12, 1912; Age 40 yr.; Died Meridan, Miss.; Oct. 10, 1912; To Use of Ambulance, Use of Hearse, Grave, Drayage of Box, H. Board and Services $25.00; Services of Priest $6.00; Candles $1.25; Funeral Notice in Herald and Post $2.50; Baz. 3, Roche 2 Hacks $20.00 -- $54.75 [from Fisher Funeral Home Records, page 61]

We next find Eugene Groome in the 1930 census living in Memphis TN with his grandmother, Susie B. Walker. [1930 Federal Census: Tennessee, Shelby County, Memphis, District 134, page 231A, household 97] Assuming that Susie has been married only once, that tells us that Jennie's maiden name is probably Walker.

Next was Fanny Belle Groome, born in December 1875. We know nothing about her except that she was living at 618 Farmer Street in Vicksburg in 1904. She was not yet married at that time. She was not living with her mother in the 1910 census, so she may have been married by then.

The fourth child born to William and Theresa was Elizabeth or "Lizzie" Groome, born in December 1877. She was still at home with her mother in the 1910 census. After that we lose track of her.

Next was Dora "Dollie" Groome, born February 1880. She was working as a bookbinder in a printing office in 1910, and living at home with her mother. Like some of her sisters, she is not found under the name Groome in the 1920 census.

The next daughter, Sallie Groome, was born about 1882 in Vicksburg. She is last seen at home with her mother in 1910. No occupation is given for her.

Their son, Dennis Hossley Groome, was born 1 Apr 1882. He married Mary Zita French who was born 16 Sep 1889. They had six children: Mary Zita, Florence, William Hudson (called Spencer in the 1930 census), Marie Louise (died before her first birthday), Dennis Jr., and Francis who was called "Sis." The family is all together in the 1930 census. [1930 Federal Census: Mississippi, Warren County, Vicksburg, District 14, Pages 136A-B, household 129/118 - 1111 Belmont Street] Dennis Sr. is working as a bookkeeper in a printing shop, His wife Zita is a forewoman in a steam laundry. Daughter Mary is a bookkeeper in a furniture store, Florence is a stenographer at the gas office, and Spencer (William Hudson) is clerking at the railroad station. Dennis Sr. died on 16 Mar 1939; Mary, his wife, died on 28 Sep 1952.

Lottie Groome was the last child of William and Theresa Groome. She was born in June 1884. We know that she was still at home with her mother in 1910. After that, we lose track of her.

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