Charles Wallace Smith Family

Charles Wallace Smith was born 31 May 1877 in Louisiana to Alexander and Nida (Hewett) Smith. He married Gertrude Elizabeth Cox on 22 May 1902 in Mobile, Alabama.

Gertrude (Gertie) was born 13 Mar 1881 in Alabama. Her death certificate indicated her father was Eli Cox. We have not identified her mother.

Wallace and Gertie would have four children before his death in Mobile on 8 Apr 1930.

Their first child was Hewett Wallace Smith, born 4 Nov 1903 in Vicksburg, Mississippi. He would married Leanna Edith Godwin in July 1946 in Galveston, Texas. Hewett died in Hendersonville, North Carolina on 12 Jul 1996. Leanna, whose parents were William and Julia Godwin, was born 1 Mar 1905 in South Carolina. She also died in Hendersonville, passing on 28 Sep 2001. We are unaware of any children born to this couple.

Wallace and Gertie's next child was a daughter they named Nida after her grandmother. Nida was born 6 Aug 1906 in Mobile. She married Charles Levi Hamilton and they had two children, Nida and Charles Howard.

It is uncertain when this marriage ended, but Nida was married to Eddie Carsten in the 1940 census. She would later re-adopt the Hamilton surname. She was 90 when she died in Houston, Texas in 1997.

Wallace and Gertie's third child was Ethel Gladys Smith who was born in January 1909. She was two years old when she died in July 1911.

Their last child was a son they named Alexander Matthew Smith. He was born 5 Sep 1911 in Alabama. He married Melba Joyce Campbell in 1945, and they had three children: Katherine Elizabeth, Victoria Suzanne, and Mark Steven Smith.

Alexander was 75 when he died in 1987 in Houston.

Following Charles Wallace Smith's death, Gertie married George Winberg. She died in Pasadena, Texas in 1979.

According to a letter that Charles Wallace Smith's mother wrote in 1933,

Wallace had been complaining about his stomach for sometime, and he had to be operated on. The next evening he died at the hospital. It was a great shock to me because I did not know he was so ill. He has been dead 3 years. He left 2 sons and Nida, named after me, she has 2 children, a girl and a boy, six months old. Wallace named the girl for me. There are 2 Nida's now in their family. Poor dear Wallace loved his Mama. He is buried in Mobile.

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