French Veluzat Documents

Maurice Lignon, a descendant of Antoine Louis Veluzat, and a resident of Bordeaux, France, has graciously provided information about the Veluzat family.

The family was located in St. Aubert Parish for a time. As Maurice says, "In France, before the Revolution of 1789, cities were managed by prominent citizens called bourgeois. They had to pay a special tax; they elected the Mayor and his assistants; carried out bills and other regulations. They had to take an oath on a register." This was called the "Registre de Bourgeoisie." According to Maurice, the Veluzats were bourgeois.

Below are Maurice's translations of four documents from this register. The first one details a marriage between André Joseph VELUZAT and Catherine PIGNIEN. The second names Jonas VELUZAT and clearly mentions that he is of Swiss nationality, born in St. Blaise. The third one talks about Aimable Joseph VELUZAT, son of Jonas. The final one identifies Antoine Louis VELUZAT, Jonas' son, and Maurice's ancestor.

1: Parish St Gery. JaenAndré Joseph VELUZAT, son of Jonas and Marie Catherine PIGNIEN has applied for citizenship and given sworn statement for this Year 1754.

2: Jonas VELUZAT, of swiss nationalty, born at St-Blaise, county of Neuchatelle in Switzerland, by request applied for has been admitted as a citizen of this town, free of charge on recommendation of Mr de LATTRE, clerc of the Court and give sworn statement as required This Oct. 14th 1729. in margin: Free of charge on recommendation of Mr de LATTRE, clerc of the Court.

3:Joseph VELUZAT, son of Jonas, swiss, and Guislaine SOUILLART has applied for and given sworn statement 10th Feb. 1775. In margin: Parish St-Aubert.

4: Antoine Louis VALUZA, son of jonas and Marie Guisline SOUILLART has applied for and given sworn statement This day of 15th Sept. 1773 In margin: Parish St-Aubert.

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