Joel Veluzat Letter

(Published in the Glasgow Daily Times about 1936.)

The following interesting letter written during the Civil War, was in the possession of Mr. Paudine Love of near Randolph, Metcalfe county. It was written by Joel S. Veluzat to his sister, Mrs. Anne Veluzat Love, and mother of Paudine Love. The letter is yellow with age, and is beautifully penned: Note the spelling used, in comparison to modern times. Images of the original letter are shown at the bottom of this page.

Camp Battle Creek, Tenn.
Aug. 12th, 1862.

Absent Brother and Sister:

I seat myself this morning to write a few lines in answer to your more than welcome letter which came to hand last evening. I red with muich pleasure to hear that you all was well. It found me well and doing well and I hope that this may find you all well and doing well. I haven't no nuse to write to you more than we are prepareing to receive the enemy if they should attact us at this plas. We are encamped on the Tennessee River at the mout of Battle Creek. We have been hear for about a month. The Rebels are on the other side of the river in sight of us. We can see them when we want too look at them.

We are expecting an attact ever day almost and therefore we are prepareing to give the raschals another whiping but I think that it is uncertain about them fighting us hear.

The boys are generally well. Thomas Harbison, George and James Perkins are all well. The health of our regiment is a great deal better than when I last wrote to you. We have got near 400 men at this time. The boys are all in fine spirits, they have all drawn new cloths and new hats trimed off with a fine brass horn and eagle and a fine black fether and they look fine I tell you. I am glad to see them so galey.

Well Ann you spoke of honey and chickens. Well as to honey we cant get any and I would be very glad to be there to get some of it and eat some of them fride chickens. We can get some chickens to eat hear by paying 40 cts apiece for them.

Ann if you was clost enough to this armey you could get ritch by selling ever thing you have to spair that is to eat, apples & peaches, that ant more than half ripe sells hear for 10cts a dozen and everthing in proportion. Honey is worth $4.00 per gallon, a scillet full of corn bread is worth 50 cts. Irish potatoes $2.00 per bushel and you know by that you could make a fortune by selling things that you dont want.

Tell Mother and Father howdy for me tell them that I am geting along the best that I can. When you write to me again I want you to tell me how Jimmey is geting along and all the rest of the children. I would be so glad to see you all once more and spend a few days with you. You must tell me what girles you heard talking about me. Tell them to wait that I think we all will get home by the first of April and tell me what Tom thinks about the ware.

Direct your letters to the 5th Division 11th Brig 13th Reg. Ky Vols and I think I will get them. Give my best compliments to all and a large portion to your self. Nothing more.

Your Affectionate Brother until Parted by death.

Joel S. Veluzat.

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