Francis B. Wallace's Civil War Pension

Francis B. Wallace's Civil War pension papers tell us several things about him. In this first document, his declaration for an invalid pension produced on 11 Jun 1901, we learn the details of his service during the war. We also learn that when he first enlisted at the age of 32 he stood 5 foot, 6 1/2 inches tall and had a fair complexion with dark eyes and hair. He was now 72 years old and declaring that he was partially disabled by reason of advanced age.

Declaration for Invalid Pension

To obtain a pension, Francis was required to have a physical examination by a government-appointed doctor. The doctor's report is contained in the following document.

Surgeon Certificate

In 1904 Francis received an increase in his pension as shown in the document below. The main significance of this document is that it gives his date of birth near the bottom of the document.

Date of Birth

Apparently under the provisions of the pension act of 1907 he was required to submit a new declaration for pension. This document below is that declaration. On it we have a repeat of much of the information given earlier.

Declaration for Pension

The following "Accrued Pension" document was issued following Francis' death on 26 Feb 1909. This date of death is given on the document.

Date of Death

Following the death of Francis B. Wallace, his widow, Frances Mason Wallace, applied for a widow's pension. Her declaration for widow's pension is shown below. On it we learn her maiden name, when and where their were married, and the name of the person who performed the marriage ceremony.

Declaration for Widow's Pension

The next three documents are affidavits attesting to her relationship as Francis B. Wallace's widow, and the fact that she had not remarried. This first one is by her son-in-law, Joseph W. Dare who married the Wallace's daughter, Frances B. Wallace.

Dare Affidavit

This second affidavit is signed by David S. Johnson, a neighbor of twenty-two years.

Johnson Affidavit

This third affidavit was signed by Charles Spencer who had known both Mr. and Mrs. Wallace since before their marriage in Pottsville.

Spencer Affidavit

This final document is a statement by the commissioner of the bureau of pensions that he had seen a book that contained the marriage certificate of Francis B. Wallace and Frances Mason.


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