Samuel and Effie (Ballard) Wilhoyte and their Ancestry

Samuel and Effie (Ballard) Wilhoyte had three children: Allen, Norval, and Annie. The 1900 census shows Samuel and Effie in New Albany IN.

1900 Federal Census: Indiana, Floyd County, New Albany, page 154A
household 177/184 - 617 Eleventh Street
Wilhoyte, Samuel - head, M W 35, born Nov 1865 in KY, married 11 years, parents born KY, railroad conductor
Wilhoyte, Effie - wife, F W 31, born Nov 1868 in KY, 1 child, father born KY, mother born IN

Although the census record shows Effie as the mother of one child, the child is not listed. That child was a son they named Allen Sims Wilhoyte who was born 7 Jun 1891 in Oldham County KY, as shown in his Texas death certificate.

Allen Sims Wilhoyte Death Certificate

Samuel Wilhoyte died before the 1910 census. Effie is shown in that census living in Louisville with two sons.

1910 Federal Census: Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville Ward 4, page 54B
household 154/206 - 500 East Gray Street
Wilhoyt, Effie - head, F W 40, widow, 2 children, born KY, parents born KY
Wilhoyt, Allen - son, M W 18, single, born KY, telegraph operator
Wilhoyt, Norville - son, M W 10, born KY

This is puzzling as her daughter Anna Florence Wilhoyte was born 28 Jan 1909 in Jefferson County KY.

Census record confusion continues in the 1920 census where Effie Wilhoite and her three children were living near the corner of Gray and Jackson Streets in Louisville KY. For some reason, the census records two daughters and a son, but the eldest "daughter" was actually her son, Allen. Also, the son was identified as Orvil, which is an apparent misspelling of his name, Norval.

1920 Federal Census: Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville Ward 4, page 212B
household 140/215 - 500 East Gray Street
Wilhoite, Effie - head, F W 53, widow, born KY, father born KY, mother born IN
Wilhoite, Alline S. - daughter, F W 28, single, born KY, parents born KY
Wilhoite, Orvil J. - son, M W 18, single, born KY, parents born KY, supervisor at telegraph company
Wilhoite, Annie F. - daughter, F W 11, born KY, parents born KY

By 1930, Effie, Norval, and Annie were living on Bardstown Road in Louisville. Allen is found in Macon GA, married to Gladys Nix.

1930 Federal Census: Kentucky, Jefferson County, Louisville, page 125B
household 433/494 - 1255 Bardstown Road
Wilhoyte, Effie - head, F W 60, widow, born KY, father born KY, mother born IN
Wilhoyte, Norval - son, M W 27, single, born KY, parents born KY, multiplex operator
Wilhoyte, Anna F. - daughter, F W 20, single, born KY, parents born KY, office stenographer

1930 Federal Census: Georgia, Bibb County, Macon, page 142B, household 274/410
Nix, Ada - head, F W 47, widow, married at 17, born GA, parents born GA, no occupation
Wilhoyte, Allen S. - son-in-law, M W 38, married at 32, born KY, parents born KY, traveling salesman for telegraph company
Wilhoyte, Gladys - daughter, F W 29, married at 23, born GA, parents born GA, no occupation

From the Kentucky Death Index (KDI), and the Social Security Death Index (SSDI), We know that Effie Wilhoyte died in Louisville on 13 Apr 1969. The date of her birth is less sure. The SSDI gives it as 5 Nov 1864. The KDI indicates that she was 103 when she died, which would mean she was born in 1866. The 1900 census gives it as Nov 1868. Finally The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, (Volume 10, Number 28, 1912, pages 103-105) gives her birth as 12 Nov 1866. We tend to favor the latter date.

Allen's wife, Gladys may have died in 1935. We find a listing for Mrs. Gladys Wilhoyte who died on 3 Feb 1935 in Bibb County GA (Macon). [1] The death certificate number is 2796. We do not have access to it to verify that this is Allen's wife.

Allen Wilhoyte was living in Houston TX when he died on 23 Nov 1976. His death certificate (shown above) gives his parents' names, and indicates that he was a widower. The informant was his sister, identified as Mrs. Charles G. Middleton. His remains were returned to Oldham County so he could be buried beside his mother.

Norval J. Wilhoyte was born 12 Oct 1900 [SSDI] and died in Louisville on 14 Aug 1970. [KDI]. According to one undocumented source, Norval Joseph Wilhoyte married Mary Emmalene Hardesty on 18 Apr 1941. This source indicates that she was born 24 Jan 1907 in Lebanon KY. This date is verified in her death record [SSDI]. She died on 12 May 1987 in Louisville. [KDI]

As indicated above, Anna Florence Wilhoyte was born 28 Jan 1909. We find her in the SSDI, listed as Ann W. Middleton. According to that source, she died on 9 Nov 2000 in Goshen, Oldham County KY.

We find a Charles G. Middleton, age 71 who died in Jefferson County on 22 Apr 1988. [KDI] This is possibly Ann's husband.

Returning to Samuel and Effie (Ballard) Wilhoyte, Samuel Sims Wilhoyte was a son of James Sims Wilhoite and Lucy Ann Wilhoite. He first appears in the 1860 census, shown below.

1860 Federal Census: Kentucky, Oldham County, page 65
household 476/472
Jas S. Wilhite - 34 M, farmer, born KY
Lucy Wilhite - 26 F, born KY
Saml Wilhite - 6 M, born KY
Melissa Wilhite - 4 F, born KY
Gerlinda Wilhite - 2 F, born KY

James Sims Wilhoite and Lucy Ann Wilhoite were first cousins, grandchildren of Jesse and Mildred (Stone?) Wilhoit. Both can be found on page 75 of The Germanna Record, Number 13 published by the Memorial Foundation of the Germanna Colonies in Virginia. Jesse Wilhoit was a son of Tobias and Catherine Wilhoit (pages 49-50), and a grandson of Michael Wilheit, the immigrant.

Effie Ballard Wilhoyte was a daughter of Addison C. Ballard and Helen M. Varry who married 28 Jun 1860. The following chart is based on information found in The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, (Volume 10, Number 28, 1912, pages 103-105). Additional information about the Railey line is also given in this volume.

1 Camden Montague Ballard
 + Lavinia Harrison Railey, b. 4 Jul 1813; d. 18 Sep 1899
  2 Addison C. Ballard, b. 8 May 1840
   + Helen M. Varry, md. 28 Jun 1860
    3 Lavinia Ballard, b. 9 Apr 1861
     + James Robert Clark, md. 9 Apr 1878
      4 Mildred Campbell Clark, b. 10 Jan 1879
       + James Dudley Russell, md. 16 Nov 1898
        5 Mary Clark Russell, b. 20 Jun 1902
      4 Stuart Heth Clark, b. 29 Feb 1881
      4 Joe Ballard Clark, b. 5 Sep 1882
      4 James Robert Clark, Jr., b. 16 Dec 1889
    3 Anna Belle Ballard, b. 11 Oct 1862
     + Kirby Smith Collier, md. 12 Jul 1888
      4 Clarence Calvert Collier, b. 15 Dec 1894
      4 Helen Elizabeth Collier, b. 11 Dec 1898
    3 Joseph James Ballard, b. 16 Mar 1864
     + Anna Lee Hogsett 24 Oct 1895
      4 Anna Lee Ballard, b. 5 Sep 1898
      4 Jonathon Young Ballard, Jr., b. 7 Aug 1908
    3 Effie Winlock Ballard, b. 12 Nov 1866
     + Samuel Simms Wilhoyte, md. 19 Dec 1888
      4 Allen Sims Wilhoyte, b. 18 Jun 1892
      4 Norval Joseph Wilhoyte, b. 12 Oct 1901
      4 Anna Florence Wilhoyte, b. 29 Jan 1909
    3 Margaret Ballard, b. 16 Jul 1870
     + Jeptha Montgomery Tharp, md .7 Dec 1888
      4 Ballard Montgomery Tharp, b. 7 Feb 1891
      4 William Ely Tharp, b. 26 Sep 1892
      4 Graham Ely Tharp, b. 1 Sep 1895
      4 Rachael Mayo Tharp, b. 3 Nov 1898
    3 Elizabeth M. Ballard, b. 15 Oct 1872
     + Robert Emmet Blakemore, md. 4 Sep 1895
      4 Robert Emmet Blakemore, Jr., b. 15 Feb 1896
     + John William Paulger, md. 15 Nov 1904
      4 Helen Verry Paulger, b. 22 Feb 1908
    3 John Norvil Ballard, b. 5 Nov 1875
    3 Caroline Varry Ballard, b. 6 May 1878
     + Samuel Franklin Sibert, md. 1 Oct 1898
      4 Samuel Franklin Sibert, Jr., b. 29 Jul 1899
    3 Elizabeth Armstrong Ballard, b. 9 Feb 1886
     + Julius Morris, md. 5 Jul 1903
      4 Margaret Reid Morris, b. 8 Nov 1905
      4 Ballard Emmanuel Morris, b. 17 Jan 1907
      4 Frank Sidney Morris, b. 17 Jun 1909


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