FBC Thanksgiving Meal 2008

These pictures were taken during Community Thanksgiving Meal prepared by members of First Baptist Church, Shepherdsville. Many thanks to all those who participated. Use the links to navigate from one index page to another. Click on an image to enlarge it.

img_0974.jpg img_0975.jpg img_0976.jpg img_0977.jpg img_0978.jpg
img_0979.jpg img_0980.jpg img_0981.jpg img_0982.jpg img_0983.jpg
img_0984.jpg img_0985.jpg img_0986.jpg img_0987.jpg img_0988.jpg
img_0989.jpg img_0990.jpg img_0991.jpg img_0992.jpg img_0993.jpg
img_0994.jpg img_0995.jpg img_0996.jpg img_0997.jpg img_0998.jpg

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