Lick Skillet Militia District (1015)

The Lick Skillet Militia District is located in the southeast corner of Cherokee County, Georgia. The Little River forms the southern boundary of the district to the east and then passes through the western section. The main highway in this district is Highway 92 which passes through the southwestern part of it.

The part that most interests us is located south of Mill Creek and centered in the area from just north of North Arnold Mill Road to just south of Arnold Mill Road. According to a modern Cherokee County map, to reach this area take Trickum Road north from Highway 92 to Barnes Road on the right. Follow Barnes Road to where it meets Arnold Mill Road. If you continue straight you will be on North Arnold Mill Road; if you turn right you will be on Arnold Mill Road. Following either of these roads will bring you back to the other as they make a loop through this area.

Along with much of the rest of the county, the Lick Skillet district is divided into 40 acre plots. A forty acre tract that is square will be 1,320 feet or one-fourth mile on a side. Working from an 1895 map of Cherokee County, the plots are numbered back and forth, east and west. The section of this district that we are interested in is laid out the way you see below.

While the roadways on the 1895 map do not seem to match up exactly with the modern map, it would seem that North Arnold Road should pass from plot 841 through 840, 839, 838, and then pass out of 837 into 821. From there it continues through 822-826 and then passes into 830. It appears to rejoin Arnold Mill Road in plot 829. This should give some idea of the location of these plots.

The reason we are interested in this area is that John Petree and his family owned property in this area at one time or another, and the deed transfers identify the property according to the plot numbers.

Here is an image of the part of the map described above.

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